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“Music psychologists have established that some forms of musical activity improve intellectual performance, spatial–temporal reasoning and other skills advantageous for learning~UCL Institute of Education, University College London” – more

The Best Choice Musical Keys Piano School
Musical Keys Piano School provides a deeper, wider understanding of music using easy to understand learning tools.


Classical, Jazz, Blues, Improvisation, Composition, Optional Suzuki

We teach

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced: HSC Music, AmusA


Ages 3 years and up.

Popluar Courses

Shared Class

We teach shared classes not group classes because student gets more care and attention in our shared class. Group class=poor learning: one teacher cannot check and correct each student’s learning issues. Our shared class: 45 mins(students in 1 class) or 1 hour (2 students in 1 class).

Private Class
Dedicated, insightful teaching to help you reach your best potential. Fastest and best way to polish and achieve your piano and musical skills

Our Platform

Whether a beginner student or advanced musician, Musical Keys Piano School is the better place to learn music, interact and meeting new friends.
We believe strongly that music is a positive influence on the lives of children (listening to the best piano, symphony recordings etc), and with an encouraging, musical environment at home, the parent and teacher can work together to enrich the students’ lives.
Musical Keys Piano School is located at Neutral Bay and Chatswood. You get quality teaching: university degree qualified, with extensive understanding of how to easily learn and enjoy piano playing.

Facts that Make us Unique and better Qualified

Quality classes

You can learn 3x faster and clearer than other standard piano lessons. It’s how we help you to learn and practise…(so you are really saving a lot in tuition fee and time)

Unique Piano Lessons

Extensive knowledge and skills to help you with:
1. Reading 2 lines of piano music & Playing them with Fast, Efficient Ease!
2. A lesson with us could cover other school’s 3 lessons’ contents…BUT it’s easier and enjoyable to practise!
3. Qualified teacher with cutting edge, well-researched teaching approach: highly skilled teacher who uses the best teaching ideas from Europe, North America and Japan’s piano masterclasses

Your Teacher

*Qualified teacher with university degrees (specialising in Piano Performance) and AmusA (AMEB)-Performance Diploma. Your teacher also works as an accompanist for exam and auditions as a professional accompanist. *Qualified teacher with master degree in Applied Health Science-extensive knowledge of human anatomy to help you not injure your arms and hands while improving your performance/playing techniques so that you can play beautiful sounding music!

Benefits Of Coming Us

Other Places

We Offer

Places that employ multiple teachers often use university students or fresh graduates without experience to ‘teach’ important foundations. Your child receives poor foundations and habits which will be hard to change later on. This hinders their potential and development in learning. We combine some of the better and effective learning tools to bring out the best potential in your child, so they don’t have to unlearn poor habits and waste time.
Places that employ multiple teachers often charge more fees e.g $45 to 60/half hour class, because they also need to pay their non-teaching staff, they have to take a share of the tuition fee. We know quality teachers should not be paid below average working fees (e.g less than $40/half hour). We don’t pay non-teaching admin staff. Your tuition fees goes straight into quality teaching and quality instruments etc.
If you like your teacher from a multi-teachers school, but want to do a different day or time, you will have to learn from another teacher, because your specific time might not suit your existing teacher’s time schedule at that centre. Result=your child will have disrupted learning stages, been swapped from one ‘teacher’ to the next. The centre forbid you to learn outside with your previous teacher. We don’t have this issue.
University student coming to your home to teach is a poor start for your child’s learning. This is because only hearing, touching and practising on your own piano will make your child not able to adapt to different pianos at performance, audition or exam venues. Students learn to adapt to different pianos: some piano keys are lighter, or heavier than others, not to mention sounds differences...The sound and touch of digital electric pianos is very different to acoustic, wood pianos ( almost none of the performance venues uses digital/electric pianos). We care about learning well and your child’s learning progress, which is why we invest in quality instruments (Grand and upright grand pianos, the type used in auditions, performance halls and exam room) so that your child will begin bright with well-rounded knowledge and skills. This will save you time and tuition fees.

Our Students

AMEB Report

Our Reviews

"Lovely wonderful teacher! Finds different ways to inspire different students. Uses a variety of great techniques and methods and supports the students a lot. Many years of teaching experience and gives the students many opportunities like term concerts, auditions, performances, or exams. Best teacher we've met!"
D. Huang
"Nice teacher and super patient with young kid. Make musical theories and techniques easy for kid to absorb and understand. My daughter has made great progress within a year. She enjoys the piano class a lot".
R. Li
"Offers classes for children as young as four, but also some adult students. Especially good at explaining to younger children. Our daughter enjoys these piano classes with an emphatic and experienced teacher, and has made great progress developing her musical skill."
J. Berthold